LATEST NEWS: Electoral system born in Alberta on the ballot in P.E.I.

About DMP

Dual Member Proportional (more formally known as Dual-member Mixed Proportional) is a proportional electoral system that was created by Sean Graham in 2013 with funding from the University of Alberta. It was designed to meet Canada’s unique needs and to build support for proportional representation.

DMP has many advantages over other proportional electoral systems. Some of the most noteworthy improvements are:

  • Keeping the simple ballot design of Canada’s Single Member Plurality electoral system
  • Eliminating the need for long party lists
  • Retaining a higher degree of local representation and accountability
  • Not increasing in complexity from the voter’s perspective as region size increases
  • Reducing parties’ recruitment burden
  • Satisfying the Senate clause when multiple provinces are included in one region

For an overview of how DMP would work in Canada, check out the five-minute video found below. For further information, see the FAQ and How It Works pages.

Thank you to the Ryerson University students who animated and produced this video.

Canada is in the middle of a potentially historic period in the electoral reform debate, and DMP is gaining traction. Last November, the PEI Special Committee on Democratic Renewal announced that it was considering including DMP in a plebiscite that will ask residents if they want to reform their electoral system. On April 15, the Committee officially recommended including DMP in this plebiscite. The plebiscite was given final approval on June 7 and voting is slated to occur from October 29 to November 7, 2016.

For an introduction of how DMP would work in PEI, watch this two-minute video:

This video was published by Elections PEI to educate Islanders on the plebiscite being held this fall. For more information about the PEI plebiscite, vist

On September 29, Sean Graham appeared as a witness before the Special Committee on Electoral Reform to present DMP. His submission to the Committee can be viewed on the Government page or by clicking here. To hear his testimony, listen to the audio clip below.

Sean Graham holds two Bachelor of Science degrees from the University of Alberta and can be contacted by email at

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