DMP in the News


  1. Policy Options (April 11): The ongoing saga of electoral reform in PEI


  1. The Guardian Letter to the Editor (November 5): A place of innovation, opportunity
  2. The Guardian Letter to the Editor (November 4): Compromise between proportionality, regionalism
  3. The Guardian Letter to the Editor (November 4): DMP reflects Islander’s values
  4. The Guardian (October 29): EDITORIAL: We endorse DMP option in plebiscite
  5. University of Alberta (October 28): Making Every Vote Count
  6. The Hill Times (October 24): Electoral Reform Committee report almost in works, but PM comments cast shadow
  7. CBC (October 22): Voting options: The 5 choices in the electoral reform plebiscite
  8. CBC (October 20): Electoral Reform Part 4
  9. CBC (Ocotber 20): Voting options: Dual member proportional
  10. The Guardian (October 14): MY VOTE Part 5: Dual Member Proportional a return to two MLAs per district
  11. Edmonton Journal (September 30): Electoral system born in Alberta on the ballot in P.E.I.
  12. CBC (September 30): Voting advice: Can politicians weigh in without sounding self-serving?
  13. Ryersonian (September 29): Far from apathetic: Ryerson talks voting reform
  14. CBC (September 5): Electoral reform coalition uses Labour Day picnic to spread word
  15. Ottawa Citizen (August 23): Lithwick and Virgint: Something in the soil? P.E.I. offers electoral reform lessons for the rest of Canada
  16. iPolitics (August 10): ‘It’s not a partisan question’: P.E.I.’s lessons on electoral reform
  17. CTV (July 7): P.E.I. sets voting-reform plebiscite for fall
  18. CBC (July 7): Dates set for P.E.I electoral reform vote
  19. The Guardian (July 6): Dates and rules set for electoral reform vote in P.E.I.
  20. The Guardian Letter to the Editor (May 12): It’s time to evolve as a province
  21. The Guardian Letter to the Editor (May 10): Hunger for change
  22. The Journal Pioneer (May 2): Islanders can help change electoral system, says May
  23. The Guardian (April 30): NDP hoping electoral reform plebiscite will spur youth influx
  24. CBC (April 26): Electoral reform: What the P.E.I legislature might have looked like (Note that this article incorrectly claims that a “rounding error” occurred with DMP. The seat labelled “unknown” would have been assigned to the PCs)
  25. CBC (April 15): P.E.I electoral reform committee proposes ranked ballot
  26. The Guardian (April 15): Electoral reform plebiscite question will be a multi-option ballot
  27. The Guardian Letter to the Editor (March 29): Only way to electoral reform on P.E.I.
  28. The Guardian Letter to the Editor (March 5): Electoral process not being rushed
  29. The Guardian (February 24): Sidney MacEwen calls out Wade MacLauchlan on electoral reform
  30. Op-Ed by Sean Graham in The Guardian (February 22): Dual-member mixed proportional best system for PEI
  31. Op-Ed by Antony Hodgson in The Tyee (January 21): Why a Referendum on Electoral Reform Would Be Undemocratic: Effective representation is a civil right, not a political preference, argues fair voting advocate


  1. The Guardian (November 27): Plebiscite on electoral reform in P.E.I. pushed back amid concerns over rushed process
  2.  CBC (November 27): Electoral reform interim report tabled in P.E.I. Legislature