BC Simulations

This page shows simulations of past BC elections that use DMP to calculate the outcome. In addition to using a district threshold of 5% and a reserve factor of 10%, the simulations treated BC as a single region.

2017 BC Election

This simulation assumed that each district was given an additional representative. Of course, if DMP is used in future elections, districts would more likely be amalgamated than given extra representatives. However, this choice does not have a significant impact on simulation results.

The district level results can be viewed here.

BC 2017

Vancouver Island 2017

Metro-Vancouver 2017

Interior & North 2017

District Rep by Party BC 2017
Under SMP, note that the fraction of districts a party is represented in is equal to the fraction of seats the party has won.

Dual vs. Single Party Rep BC 2017

Candidate Placement BC 2017