Other DMP Resources

  1. Elections BC: Dual Member Proportional (DMP)
  2. Wikipedia: Dual-member proportional representation
  3. Fair Vote Canada: Dual Member Proportional
  4. Rhys Goldstein: Incentives Matter: A Case for Dual Member Proportional
  5. Stephen McMurty: Voting Reform (This page shows simulations for DMP and other systems.)
  6. Elections PEI: IS IT TIME FOR CHANGE? (This website is no longer active. Some of the information has been archived at 2016 Plebiscite Electoral System Options.)
  7. PEI Coalition for PR: DMP & MMP
  8. Electoral Reform Society: Dual Member Proportional
  9. Elections PEI: Dual Member Proportional (for the French version of this video, click here)
  10. Anna Keenan: DMP PowerPoint
  11. Anna Keenan: Understanding DMP for PEI (video)
  12. Anna Keenan: Submission to the Special Committee on Democratic Renewal in PEI
  13. PEI Special Committee on Democratic Renewal: Electoral System Options for Prince Edward Island (video)